Uniform Policy


Wearing a school uniform generates a sense of belonging, bonding, pride, and loyalty towards the institution and fellow students. The purpose of implementing a uniform dress code is the promotion of equality, fostering a sense of belonging, minimization of distractions, safety and security, and cultural and religious sensitivity apart from enhancing the school image. The implementation of a uniform dress code at Harvest International School serves to promote a sense of unity, minimize distractions, and uphold the school’s values and image.

All students are required to wear the school uniform at all times, including the Parent Teacher Meetings, attending rehearsals at school and when representing the school at events or competitions outside school.

Dress Code for students:

  1. Students are expected to wear a Red and Grey/Grey polo T-shirt, indigo shorts/trousers/skort/skirt, and plain Black sports shoes to school every day except on the day of Sports classes when they must wear the House T-shirt, black track pants, and plain Black sports shoes. Students may wear only plain Black socks to school. Only the prescribed school jackets are allowed.
  2. Expensive branded shoes are not part of the school uniform regulation and are not permitted to be worn as part of the uniform. Students are permitted to wear the prescribed uniform shoes only. Shortening of T-shirt sleeves by students is not allowed. The T-shirt must be buttoned.
  3. Students of Pre-Primary to Grade 1 must deposit an extra set of clothes in a well-labelled bag, by the first week of the academic session.
  4. Students are allowed to wear coloured dresses apart from the school uniform on their Birthdays and specific days intimated by the school. Students are expected to maintain the modesty of dress. They should not wear ripped jeans. Girls should not wear cold shoulders, sleeveless shirts/tops, shorts, skirts above knee length and tight-fitting dresses. Boys above Grade 4 are not permitted to wear shorts or sleeveless T-shirts to school.
  5. Jewelry other than ear studs is not allowed and shall be confiscated. Multiple ear studs are not allowed. Boys must keep their hair short and without fancy haircuts. Girls with hair longer than the shoulder must tie their hair with a black hair band only and girls with hair above their shoulder have to clip the hair with black hair clips or hair band. All students must comb their hair neatly and be well-groomed at all times. Hair coloring, extensions, make-up, long nails, nail polish are not permitted in school and defaulters shall not be allowed to attend classes. Students from Grade IV and above are allowed to wear basic (digital or analog) watches. Fancy /Smart/Expensive watches are not permitted.
  6. Students are not permitted to carry any other school bag except the prescribed school bag issued from the school store. Students must adhere to the regulations as mentioned above. Any default in their turnout will be recorded in the School Almanac. Repeated negligence and non compliance with the school uniform policy and dress code will attract strict disciplinary action from the school and students will not be allowed to attend classes.