Academic Overview

Harvest International Schools are an inclusive, coeducational group of institution that spans the entire K-12 educational spectrum, offering a rich array of academic programs, like Montessori, Elementary Montessori, CBSE and IB curricula. During the crucial preschool phase, Harvest embraces the Montessori pedagogy, carefully designed to nurture holistic child development.

At Harvest, the educational compass revolves around the child, with a curriculum finely tuned to their unique needs. This child-centric approach places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning which seamlessly weaves Art, Music, and Sports into its core educational fabric. The overarching goal is to cultivate a pragmatic, child-friendly learning milieu that not only imparts knowledge but also instils enduring universal values and unwavering discipline.

Harvest conscientiously maintains limited class sizes which fosters individualized attention and elevates the quality of the learning experience.

Harvest International School is firmly committed to the continuous professional development of its educators. To this end, teachers partake in ongoing training programs, meticulously curated to enhance teaching methodologies and unlock the boundless creative potential residing within both educators and students alike.

Academic Programmes


Our prepared environments are carefully designed to encourage your child’s innate zeal for learning, allowing them opportunities to choose from an array of purposeful activities to work on.

Elementary Montessori

Elementary Montessori is
designed for children aged 6 to
12, serving as the next phase in
Montessori education, where
the focus is on nurturing.


We offer a robust and holistic curriculum for learning at Harvest that is curated around the CBSE syllabus. Our curriculum employs innovative teaching strategies.


 A student-centered approach to education. Our IB Program challenges our students to think for themselves and take responsibility.