Why Choose Harvest

  • Why does Harvest make this world a better place?

Harvest International has always been a microcosm of learning where each individual is appreciated for their similarities and differences. We aim for the holistic development of a child and that’s what makes it a better place to learn and grow. 

What value does Harvest add to its students and Parents?

Holistic education is what any parent would wish to give to their child. Our curriculum provides this edge along with joyful learning, creating global citizens. 

Innovative Curriculum

Harvest has an in-house developed curriculum that merges the CBSE syllabus with IB teaching methodologies, creating a holistic learning environment for our students.

Outstanding Facilities

We provide the best infrastructure for various academic facilities along with sports, craft and performing arts.

Expert Mentorship

Our qualified and experienced staff will be a guide and mentor in and out of the classrooms.


Our research and development team is constantly exploring the latest advents of education and teaching in order to continuously upgrade ourselves as educators.