Mr.Ramprasad Gaddipati​

We live in a global and dynamic world, where the walls have come down and the windows have opened up, as Thomas L. Friedman wrote in his book ‘The World Is Flat’. Our children need an education that enables them to face the challenges and opportunities of this world with confidence and competence.  

At Harvest, we make learning a way of life and a tradition. We nurture our children with academic excellence, holistic development, and innovative teaching methods. We foster creativity, collaboration, and a love for learning in our students. 

We create an environment where every student can dream, discover, and achieve their full potential. Our faculty members are dedicated to creating a conducive learning environment where each student can explore their interests, develop critical thinking, and acquire essential life skills. We seek parents who share our vision of holistic development and support our efforts. We instill ethical values and global awareness in our students that prepare them for an ever-evolving world. We truly believe that education goes beyond the classrooms. We take it to the world.


Mr.Sridhar Gaddipati

Sridhar Gaddipati holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NIT, Allahabad, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, USA. With an impressive career in IT and Software Engineering spanning several years, Sridhar has held senior executive positions, including Vice President, Engineering at Cisco Systems and Twilio Inc,. In these roles, he led large, geographically distributed teams across the USA, Europe, and India, overseeing Software, R&D, Engineering and the development of products used by many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Sridhar is deeply passionate about providing holistic and value-centric education to our children. He believes in equipping children with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and self-esteem necessary to excel in any situation and navigate life’s ups and downs.

Sridhar’s vision involves leveraging technology to transform the development and delivery of academic content, with a particular focus on fostering effective Teacher, Student and Parent engagement.

Furthermore, Sridhar emphasizes the importance of supplementing academic and external learning with mentoring and strong parental involvement. He envisions a future where India produces the finest professionals and entrepreneurs who excel in their chosen fields and contribute significantly to the world’s progress.​

Ms.Ishita Gaddipatti

Having completed her MA in Education, our Managing Director, Ms. Ishita Gaddipatti aspires to bring about change in how classrooms are conducted in India. She is passionate about global collaborations and providing an education that knows no boundaries.

As a leader of a 21st-century school, she aims to empower teachers and students alike to go that extra mile in areas of research. She believes her role as an Educator is to serve as a bridge between all the stakeholders of Harvest and help them collaborate with each other in order to achieve the best results for their efforts. 

Apart from regular academics, she wants to focus on expanding the various attributes of our student’s personalities with an emphasis on life skills and other co-scholastic arenas as they are an integral part of the holistic development of a student’s cognitive abilities.

Ms.Lekshmi Nayar

Ms.Lekshmi Nayar has an experience of more than 21 years in the field of education, of which she served 8 years as a School Principal. Now she heads the Curriculum development, research and training wing – Academics 360 at Harvest. Every day she strives to ensure that the academic focus of the school remains strong, relevant, and dynamic providing multifaceted learning experiences for the holistic development of our students.

Ms.Latha L

Principal – Harvest, Sarjapur-Attibele Road

Ms. Latha brings over 15 years of extensive experience in the realm of education to our institution. She possesses a Master’s degree in Mathematics from IIT, Chennai, as well as a B.Ed. degree from Delhi University. Furthermore, she has successfully completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling from ICTRC and holds an MBA in Education Management.

Ms. Latha’s educational philosophy centers on the profound belief that each student is inherently unique and possesses the inherent potential for outstanding achievement. She actively promotes a comprehensive approach to education that not only prioritizes academic excellence but also places significant emphasis on character development, critical thinking, and fostering creativity.


Beyond the confines of the classroom, Ms. Latha is deeply engaged with parents, students, and the broader community, fostering a supportive and collaborative educational environment. She actively encourages open channels of communication and values feedback from all stakeholders. 

Her firm belief in the importance of strong partnerships between the school and the community underscores her commitment to the growth and development of each student. Ms. Latha’s unwavering enthusiasm, boundless optimism, indomitable tenacity, and unyielding dedication to both the school and the subject matter stand as a testament to her exemplary commitment.