Attendance And Leave Policy

Harvest International School Attendance Policy

Ensuring regular attendance is paramount for academic success and school accountability. The Harvest School attendance policy outlines the following guidelines:

Students Arrival Time

Students must arrive at school by 8:15 AM. In the event of illness, parents should notify the school via email to the helpdesk ID and note the absence in the student’s almanac upon their return. For prolonged sickness, a Medical Certificate from an authorized medical practitioner must accompany the leave application.

School Calendar

Students are expected to attend school on designated working days as per the school calendar. Parents are urged to schedule vacations only during specified breaks to minimize academic and extracurricular disruptions.

Planned Absences

Planned absences require advance notification through the almanac’s leave record section or the help desk. Half Day leave of absence may be intimated through a note in the Almanac only.

Minimum Attendance

Regular attendance is mandatory, with students expected to achieve a minimum of 85% attendance as per the Central Board of Secondary Education’s affiliation Bye-Laws. Leave of absence is granted only upon prior submission of an application with plausible grounds.

School Events

Student attendance is compulsory during National Observances, Annual Day, Sports Day, and other significant school events.

Disciplinary Actions

Irregular attendance, unexplained absence, habitual tardiness, disobedience, or disruptive behavior are considered serious acts of indiscipline and may result in expulsion from the school.

Unauthorized Absences

Unauthorized absences exceeding 15 days imply a lack of parental willingness to continue the child’s education at Harvest International School. In such cases, one month’s notice for Transfer Certificate (TC) shall commence from the 16th day of absence, with applicable charges. Re-admission requires permission from the school management.

Infectious Diseases

Students diagnosed with infectious diseases must adhere to prescribed quarantine periods and provide a fitness certificate upon returning to school.

Special Classes

Attendance is compulsory for students of Grades IX, X, XI &XII during special classes held throughout the academic year. Students of these grades may also have after school classes as and when found necessary by the teachers.


Punctuality is highly valued at Harvest, and students arriving late must report to the school office/ Coordinator/ Class Teacher by submitting their ID car to mark the late arrival. A parent /guardian who wishes to take the ward from the school premises between school hours, must report to the School Office and sign the Early Leaving Register to take their ward.

Scheduled Assessments

Students are required to attend all scheduled assessments. Prior consultation with the Principal/Coordinator is essential if a student misses any assessment. Missed assignments due to absence must be completed by students. Consultation with the Principal/Coordinator is obligatory in case of missed assignments, with adherence to school guidelines for completion and submission.

This policy aims to foster a culture of regular attendance and academic engagement among students while upholding the standards of discipline and accountability at Harvest International School.