Library Policy

Library Policy
Library Period

All classes from grade 1 onwards are provided with one library period per week.

Library Entry

All students must enter the library in a single line and be seated according to the direction given by the Librarian/teacher.


Absolute silence must be maintained in the library at all times.


Students must bring their school ID card with them to the library.


Personal books, stationary boxes/pouches, or belongings are not allowed in the library unless instructed by the librarian.

Prohibited Items

No food or beverages, bags, or electronic gadgets are allowed in the library.

Book Arrangement

Books must be returned to the appropriate shelf, and chairs must be arranged properly before leaving the library.

Borrowing Policy

All grade students are allowed to borrow books for a period of one week only during their library period. No transactions will occur during teaching hours.

Book Limit

Each student can borrow only one book at a time for a period of one week/7 days.

Book Returns

Students should return library books by dropping them in the return box provided.

Book Exchange

Students are not permitted to exchange library books with others.


Library books are not transferable, and students should refrain from exchanging them with others.

ID Sharing

Students should not share their school ID cards with others to borrow library books.

Reference Materials

Reference books and current periodicals are for in-library use only and may not be borrowed.


Students are encouraged to use bookmarks to mark their place in borrowed books.

Damaged Books

Books that are marked, disfigured, damaged, or lost must be replaced by the borrower within 15 days.

Damaged Books Handling

Students should not attempt to repair damaged library books themselves but should inform library staff.


Students who misbehave will lose library privileges.

Book Retrieval

The librarian may call for a book or library material at any time, even if the normal loan period has not expired.

No Dues Certificate

A ‘No Dues Certificate’ must be obtained before a Transfer Certificate is issued.