Discipline Policy

Formatted Text All students at Harvest International School have the right to be treated fairly and with dignityIn an environment that fosters positive behaviour for learning, free from disruption, intimidation, harassment, and discrimination. To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain high standards of discipline. Our school’s discipline policy aims to outline the responsibilities of teachers, students, and parents and outline strategies and practices to encourage positive behaviour and manage inappropriate behaviour.

Parents are responsible for supporting the school in the implementation of the school discipline policy and must communicate with school staff about their child’s behaviour and circumstances which may influence this behaviour.

Expectations from Students

Respectful Interactions with Teachers and Visitors

Students are expected to extend courteous greetings not only to their teachers but also to school visitors, demonstrating respect and appreciation for all individuals within our educational community.

Peer Interaction

Students must appreciate and value diversity, treating all individuals with kindness and empathy. Students must resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully, seeking assistance from teachers or counselors to address disagreements or misunderstandings.


Students are expected to be punctual to school and various events at all times. Students attending optional classes, libraries, or laboratories are expected to reach back within 5 minutes of the commencement of their next class. They are not allowed to loiter around unnecessarily. If found, loitering disciplinary action will be initiated.


Students are expected to take responsibility for their actions and their learning, including attending classes regularly, completing assignments on time, and participating actively in classroom/ school activities.


Students must prioritise their safety and of others by following all school rules and regulations, including those related to physical safety and the use of technology.

Digital Citizenship

Students are expected to demonstrate responsible digital citizenship by using technology and social media platforms appropriately, refrain from cyberbullying, sharing inappropriate content, or engaging in online activities that could harm themselves or others. Misuse of technology or social media will be addressed according to the gravity of the situation and the existing rules and regulations.

School Uniform

Students are expected to always wear the prescribed school uniform. Refer to the school uniform policy for the same. Students are expected to maintain personal hygiene and be well-groomed.

Maintaining Respectful Communication

Students are expected to refrain from using profanity, engaging in physical altercations, or engaging in derogatory remarks towards peers and staff members.

Adherence to Instructions

Students are required to comply with directives and follow instructions provided by school authorities at all times. School Almanac must be brought to school every day.

Engagement in School Activities

Active participation in school activities is mandatory for all students as this involvement contributes to a positive school environment and personal growth.

Participation in Field Trips and Inter-School Competitions

Students representing our school in field trips and inter-school competitions are expected to maintain exemplary behaviour, upholding the values of sportsmanship, respect, and responsibility, both on and off campus.

Maintaining a Tidy Environment

In adherence to the school’s discipline policy, students are expected to uphold cleanliness standards and refrain from littering. Damaging school property (furniture, walls, laboratory and digital equipment, school buses etc) is not permitted and will have to be compensated as per the decisions taken by the Management. Keeping our school environment tidy fosters a conducive learning atmosphere for all.

Enforcement of a Zero-Tolerance Policy

In order to maintain a safe and conducive learning environment, our school strictly prohibits the use or possession of chewing gum, cigarettes, deodorants, mouth sprays, cosmetics, vapes, and drugs on campus. Students engaging in such activities will face immediate disciplinary action which will include expulsion.

Timely Return to Class and Classroom Boundaries

Students are expected to promptly return to their classrooms after breaks and refrain from entering other classrooms or mingling with students from different grades. Students are not permitted to enter the Teachers’ Staff Room without the permission of a teacher or in the absence of a teacher in the staff room.

Ensuring Bus Safety

Students must prioritize safety, avoid vandalism, and prevent bullying while on the school bus. It is essential to maintain a secure and respectful environment for all students throughout the journey. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter classrooms or school buses.

Behavioural Expectations

Running, Shouting and loitering in unauthorised areas is not allowed. Bullying, Pranks and any form of violence against fellow students are grave offences, potentially resulting in expulsion.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity must be maintained in all assignments and other submissions made by the students. Using unfair means in tests or examinations is a serious offence, with repeated violations leading to strict disciplinary action.

Personal Belongings

The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings. The collection of money for any purpose requires prior permission from the Principal.

Students may distribute candies or chocolates(without nuts) for birthday celebrations at school. Parents/ guardians are not permitted to send cakes, juices, gifts, return gifts or goodies for their ward’s birthday. The collection of money for gifting purposes is prohibited as is the distribution of birthday or event invitations.

During other class parties, it is advised to refrain from sending junk food and fizzy drinks. Non-vegetarian food and items containing eggs should not be sent to school.

Disciplinary Procedures

Verbal Notification

For minor infractions of school rules, such as tardiness or minor disruptions in class, students will receive a verbal warning from

Written Intimation

If a student continues to violate school rules after receiving a verbal warning, they will receive a written warning/discipline card outlining the infraction and the consequences of further violations.

Parent/Guardian Conference

If a student persists in their behaviour despite verbal and written warnings, a parent/guardian conference will be scheduled to discuss the situation and develop an improvement plan.


Students may be assigned detention for more serious or repeated infractions of school rules. During detention, students will be required to complete academic work or participate in other constructive activities under the supervision of a staff member.


In cases of severe or repeated misconduct, a student may be suspended from school for a specified period. During the suspension, the student will be required to complete assignments at home and not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities or school events.


In rare cases of extreme misconduct, such as violence, drug use, or other serious offenses, a student may be expelled from Harvest International School. Expulsion is a permanent removal from the school, and the decision will be made in consultation with school administrators, teachers, and the Management.