The Social Creative House of Organised Learning provides continuous learning, joy, and the beauty of dreams! As Carol S Dweck mentioned – It’s not always the people who start the smartest who end up the smartest.

Harvest enjoys the utmost happiness in welcoming students back to the lap of the lush green campus! The cheers of joy and excitement have always flickered the parent folks and teachers here. Every academic year commences with a bundle of promotions from the previous year, refined new ‘you’ compared to yesterday, fluttering wings for dreams and bundles of hopes. The curriculum is framed with hands-on activities and a handful of co-curricular activities where the students extract the maximum benefit for shaping themselves.

Any concept learned on campus by any intellect demands a re-iteration or a re-capitulation for better comprehension of the concept, which enhances the triggering of application of the knowledge pursued. Concreting topics is never uneasy but easily possible by sincerely following the homework schedules assigned by the facilitators. The repetition of affirmations leads to belief – “YOU CAN and YOU WILL”, and once the belief becomes a deep conviction, things start to begin!

Regular and steady planning and effective time management make homework completion joyous! Tuning your brain and body to a specific time to do the homework is the first mission to be accomplished. Keeping adequate resources at hand makes things easier when your seating arrangement is in an apt location without hindrances. The mental support given by the parents or guardians at home manure the process where the prioritization of the work also plays a major role. 

Children’s understanding of imbibing their surroundings is commendable, and hence the requirement of maintaining a positive attitude toward life as a whole becomes prominent. Homework is an extension of the learning children take away from the classroom. It centres on their understanding of contextual concepts. Meanwhile, the necessity to take relaxing breaks in between learning time at home will enhance the productivity and potential of their performance and comprehension.

Educators have a habit of always staying strong for common goals. Hence there are many hidden agendas behind assigning homework as well. Nurturing a sense of responsibility, time management, fostering independence, boosting up problem-solving skills, various calibre in decision making, facing challenges, keeping them intellectually engaged, promoting communication skills for better reflection of oneself, and learning aid are a few to list out. A well-organized human is a boon to his family and society, as a better student generation alone can guarantee a better tomorrow. Planning is inevitable in the completion of tasks assigned on time, which enriches the life skill wardrobe of the child!

In short, homework allows students to learn, practice and demonstrate they have achieved their learning goals. Roberto Nevelis of Venice, Italy, is an inventor who deserves appreciation and applause without any ambiguity!! His thoughts during his journey of life from 1901 and 1954 have brought this concept to the limelight. Without thanking him, the article would stand incomplete!

Blog Author – Roshni