Central Board of Secondary education is commonly known as CBSE it came into existence in 1962. It is a national education board for government and non-government schools in India. The Indian Union Government controls and manages the CBSE. The NCERT syllabus must be used by all schools associated with CBSE to give authority and administer exams. In order to make sure that students appreciate the traditions and values of our country, the CBSE curriculum takes into account not just students’ academic performance but also their cultural growth. There are other boards in India, such as State boards, Central boards (CBSE), and the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education, however, all Indian schools have a great deal of regard for the value-based education offered by CBSE. Due to the complete education they provide, parents are more willing to send their children to CBSE schools.

Benefits that a student gets after selecting a CBSE board

Growth & Development:

The CBSE board’s focus on a child’s whole development is among its greatest advantages. Here, students are encouraged to look outside of the textbook. The greatest CBSE schools in India would encourage their kids to take an equal interest in extracurricular activities and sports as they do in academics. For the students, it will assist provide more opportunities. And you need to check the school that provides the best activity for students for overall development when you are selecting the CBSE schools in Bangalore.

Competitive Exams:

Studying under the CBSE board will likely provide your child an advantage over other students if they intend to apply to the IIT or AIIMS in the future. The CBSE curriculum is built around the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) syllabus. Additionally, the CBSE manages the entrance exams for institutions like the IIT and AIIMS, so anyone who has previously studied under this board will be more exposed to its examination format. Even now CBSE schools in Bangalore like Harvest international school help students in competitive exams they try to bring awareness to the students

Simple methodology of the study:

The study materials and textbooks are created to be interactive, and the board is focused on student learning. Between chapters, there are exercises that teach students how to make learning enjoyable and playful. Compared to other boards, CBSE exams are also designed with the students’ learning in mind. Exams for the CBSE don’t require students to memorize questions and write answers; instead, the emphasis is on determining how much the students have learned, and the exam papers are created in a way that makes them less intimidating. The main lesson to be learned from these exams is that students gain knowledge from the examination process itself. Every CBSE school in Bangalore has a simple methodology of the study and in Harvest, we follow 21st -the century learning teaching method, which is very beneficiary for students so that they learn through technology.

Beneficial in relocating:

Since many schools in India are associated with the CBSE, it is simple for parents with transferrable jobs to move without worrying about their children’s academic progress. They can simply continue where they left off. Many parents who are in government jobs need not worry about their child’s education they can easily opt for the CBSE board as their job involves frequent transfers.

Focuses on the languages:

The goal of CBSE schools is to prepare students for studying overseas, hence both Hindi and English are taught within these institutions. The test pattern and evaluation methodology are being brought more in line with worldwide standards by the CBSE board. At Best CBSE school in Bangalore, they teach in both English and Hindi, even in Harvest international school we teach students in both languages.

World wide recognition:

The CBSE board is well-known worldwide and provides more priority. The certificates given out by the CBSE officials are significant when your student graduates from school. Parents can choose the CBSE school in Bangalore even if they have plans to leave the nation and start a new life outside India. The certificate obtained from the CBSE is accepted by all colleges in India and abroad. The CBSE board’s study of it helps in job placement.


As a parent, think about the subjects or activities you want your kids to pursue. It all usually comes down to your child’s interests, even if CBSE Schools may have a number of advantages over other educational boards. The best option if you wish to mix extracurricular activities with your child’s educational development is to enroll them in a CBSE school.