Best School In Bangalore

9 Facts Parents Need To Capture Before Applying To The Best School In Bangalore

The word school comes to mind whenever you think about learning. There is no doubt that a child’s time in school is one of the most significant stages in life. School plays a vital role in developing well-rounded personalities. The students learn, apply and reflect as they become aware of themselves and others in being informed citizens which any community and country aspire for. Keeping this in mind, we at Harvest come with a vision of holistic learning where the child becomes aware of their own rights and responsibilities while imbibing the values of collaboration, self-worth, self-confidence, and other crucial abilities along with the wisdom that will enhance holistic development.

Selecting the right and Best School in Bangalore is like choosing an ingredient for a special recipe. It is therefore imperative that parents observe and inspect a school rigorously when making a school choice for their child. Let us help you simplify the process. The following list will inform you about all the essential details you should consider. You will be able to successfully navigate the admissions puzzle if you keep these points in mind.


How will you pick the ideal program for your child?

Making their feet smaller or providing them with uncomfortable shoes will make them feel more uncomfortable. A curriculum’s selection is just as crucial as picking the appropriate footwear. Shoes that are too loose can hang off feet those that are too tight can hurt toes. Consider your child’s needs above your own. More harm will result from switching the board than from changing schools. Consult an educational consultant or conduct more thorough research on various curriculum options. Know what the school offers with the curriculum they have adapted to make your choice. Become more familiar with their teaching and learning methods.


Many still hold to the outdated concept that “the campus hardly plays a major role.”  There is an add on notion that if there is a will, there is a way of learning in any situation you are put into. The physical learning environment and spaces are very important for the students to explore and discover more about their passion and abilities. A campus that is clean, beautiful, well-lit, and well-organized definitely helps children focus for greater learning. A better campus guarantees a greater daily attendance of students. Moreover, it teaches them the idea of shared spaces. Well planned learning spaces promote and encourage active learning.


The student-teacher ratio is a parameter which is used to assess the availability of the teachers to offer services and care to the students.   As parents, you must be aware of any additional need or support your child would require to perform better. The culture of school should support teachers to spend more time and give more individualized attention to students with learning difficulties. Hence the student teacher ratio helps parents to decide whether the support system is in place for more personalized attention to sort any issue without any delay.


The level of expertise of the staff of the school is directly proportional to the quality of the school. A well-trained receptionist desk, professional support personnel, or knowledgeable teachers are all examples. A school can only function successfully if students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders work in sync towards the vision and mission of the school. It is important to note that the reputation of any school is always built on friendly, open, and healthy coordination between the school administration committee and the parents. As a prospective parent, it is important for you to have dialogues with existing parent community or alumnus of the school.


The meaningful experiences your child gets during the school years will stay forever. The school’s scholastic and co-scholastic learning engagements should support the development of critical thinking abilities in students. The Best School in Bangalore for your child should have a dynamic curriculum that bridges a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. It is very important to explore the websites and social media handles of the school to understand how the school is at par with other schools in the same vicinity.


A successful school offers its students a tidy and secure environment. Numerous factors, such as trash disposal, cleaning supplies, and the general well-being of students and employees, are reflected in school hygiene. Hence school hygiene is one of the fundamental requirements of every educational facility.


It is time we need to adopt the neighborhood school concept. The long-distance travel by the students may lead to unpleasant school experiences. It is highly recommended to go to schools nearby with close proximity. But if it is unavoidable and your child requires school transport, do avail the conveyance over dropping the child to school just to save yourselves from traffic and fuel. Look for schools with the latest transport management systems, for example with technology in hand, you may look for schools with GPS technology-embedded tracking systems.


The school in which you are aspiring for your child should enable character development through the curriculum. Discipline with freedom will make any school a character hub. It is very important for parents to browse through the school’s website or brochure to learn the philosophy and mindset of visionaries before you consider taking it up further. 


The current generation school should cater to 21st-century skills and schools should be ecosystems of future-ready models. While interacting with teachers, it is highly recommended to ask them about their recent training attended or involvement in innovative projects, etc.  You can research various teaching approaches used by teachers to ensure that they match your child’s interests and needs. It is good to look into the professional development programs the school offers for the teachers.

21st Century teachers use various teaching-learning strategies to help students develop problems. solving abilities. Try to find out global goals projects initiatives or socio-civic responsibilities where the students took initiatives in giving back to society.


In conclusion, the number of elements determines how the Best School In Bangalore will impact your child’s growth and development. As parents we always want the best for our children, it’s not always easy to find the best school in Bangalore which provides all the above parameters along with the best of both IB & CBSE curricula, smart classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, Tinkering lab facilities, reading bay, wellness sessions to name a few. We are proud to say that Harvest International school fits into the best school in Bangalore category which satisfies the greatest number of your desired requirements. The happiness quotient of our students in Harvest is what determines who we are as we move from good to great enhancing ourselves day by day.