We offer a robust and holistic curriculum for learning at Harvest that is curated around the CBSE syllabus.

Schools near Chandapura

Our Training Structure for Middle Stage

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it”. 

At our Innovation Campus – Schools near Chandapura, we always give voice and choice to our middle school learners representing Grades VI-VIII. Our curriculum is integrated and designed as per the NEP 2020 policy. Experiential learning plays a vital role at our Innovation Campus. We nurture and formulate our middle school learners in such a way that they believe in their self-defined rules and principles. The all-rounded educational approach plays an exceptional role in teaching-learning methodology.


The middle school program has been organized to explore different critical and creative thinking skills. The curriculum that is lined up in Schools near Chandapura in such a way that conceptual learning which is integrated with hands-on experiences, leads to the development of various subject areas such as Math, Science,  Social Science, Languages and ICT Education. Additional academic support for the low achievers are provided in the form of individual attention, extra classes and worksheets. As per the CBSE norms, Mass Media is an added-on subject that is an eye opener towards the knowledge of high school Mass Media, which kindles their interest in the selection of the subject in the near future.

Co-curricular Activities:

To make our Schools near Chandapura memories evergreen, our Innovation Campus focuses on ecstatic and energetic activities for our young learners. Every learner is unique in their own style. Here we give our learners an opportunity to explore themselves and comprehend their interests to showcase their intellectual capabilities. Our Innovation Campus Schools near Chandapura have a multitude of experiential learning activities which develops confidence and motivates them. In order to create a zealous environment in which the learners actively participate in their areas of interest, as we give them the choice to choose their own activity, leads to further development of individual skills. 

To name a few activities below… 

Schools near Chandapura

Experiential Learning

Specially Designed activities to enhance learning

Smart Classrooms

Technological advanced classrooms to aid the children in learning

Collaborative Learning

Team Building and group based learning is encouraged

Variety of Co-Scholastics

Wide range of School Life Activities including Performing Arts, Sports, Clubs and Workshops

High-End Lab Facilities

Schools near Chandapura host independent labs for the sciences as well as the government funded Atal Tinkering Lab

College Counselling

Schools near Chandapura provides guidance for students in their college choices and applications

Custom made Life Skills Curriculum

A product of our In-House research team Schools near Chandapura aims to educate students of the various life skills we can employ in our daily life

Inquiry Based Instruction

Our teaching methodologies at Schools near Chandapura are constantly developed and modified by extensive research into new trends of teaching

Provides a Safe Space for Learning

Strictly against bullying and discouraging students. We wish to create a healthy atmosphere for our students at Schools near Chandapura

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