We offer a robust and holistic curriculum for learning at Harvest that is curated around the CBSE syllabus.

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Our Training Structure for Preparatory Stage

The purpose of the education system is to develop good human beings capable of rational thought and action, possessing compassion and empathy, courage and resilience, scientific temper and creative imagination, with sound ethical moorings and values. It aims at producing engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable, inclusive, and plural society.

According to NEP (National Education Policy) the Preparatory Stage will comprise three years of education building on the play, discovery, and activity-based pedagogical and curricular style of the Foundational Stage, and will also begin to incorporate some light textbooks as well as aspects of more formal but interactive classroom learning, in order to lay a solid groundwork across subjects, including reading, writing, speaking, physical education, art, languages, science, and mathematics.

Harvest International – CBSE Schools Near Electronic City have smart classrooms, in a phased manner, for using digital pedagogy and thereby enriching the teaching-learning process with online resources and collaborations.

Raz-PlusInternational Schools in Electronic City, We have introduced Raz-Plus this academic year, a graded reading program that provides fiction and nonfiction books at 29 different reading levels so that all students can read grade-appropriate books, practice critical reading skills, and learn about topics of interest. Each leveled book comes in projectable, printable, and digital formats. Each book is accompanied by a lesson plan and multiple ancillary resources. Ancillaries include a variety of worksheets, vocabulary cards, discussion cards, word work activities, and assessments that support lesson plan objectives by giving students opportunities to practice comprehension and literacy skills.

We have fully functional Math Lab, Science Lab and Computer Labs.

Science Thinktac – Experiential way of learning Science sessions conducted integrated with STEM activities.

Address Health Education – designed by a team of experienced health experts and educationalists to provide children of each class with age-appropriate content that will help develop healthy values, healthy behaviors and practices.

Assembly – Assemblies are planned for the students giving them an opportunity to create community spirit among students, teachers, and staff.

Club Activity – A plethora of club activities are offered to keep students engaged, and productive with hands-on activities. Besides being fun, these clubs helped the students to improve problem-solving, analyzing skills, planning and strategy and building confidence.

Support Sessions – Language support sessions are conducted on working Saturdays for students who need extra help in learning the language as well as to help parents guide their children in learning the basics of the language.

School Magazine – It informs the future generation of students about the traditions built up by their school. This valuable publication gives an opportunity for students to showcase their creative talents as writers and artists.

Science Expo, Sports Day, Annual Day are some of the important events conducted every year at our International Schools in Electronic City to boost the morale of the students.
Interhouse Events are conducted regularly bringing responsibility and enthusiasm among students.

Field Trips are planned for all grades in the academic year with respect to their curriculum.

Curriculum content will be reduced in each subject to its core essentials, to make space for critical thinking and more holistic, inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based, and analysis-based learning.

Teacher Training – Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs) will be strengthened to inculcate better test material, both in terms of content and pedagogy. The TETs will also be extended to cover teachers across all stages (Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary) of school education at CBSE Schools Near Electronic City. Each teacher will be expected to participate in at least 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year for their own professional development, driven by their own interests.

International Schools in Electronic City

Experiential Learning

Specially Designed activities to enhance learning

Smart Classrooms

Technological advanced classrooms to aid the children in learning

Collaborative Learning

Team Building and group based learning is encouraged

Variety of Co-Scholastics

Wide range of School Life Activities including Performing Arts, Sports, Clubs and Workshops

High-End Lab Facilities

CBSE Schools Near Electronic City host independent labs for the sciences as well as the government funded Atal Tinkering Lab

College Counselling

International Schools in Electronic City provides guidance for students in their college choices and applications

Custom made Life Skills Curriculum

A product of our In-House research team CBSE Schools Near Electronic City. Aims to educate students of the various life skills we can employ in our daily life

Inquiry Based Instruction

Our teaching methodologies at International Schools in Electronic City are constantly developed and modified by extensive research into new trends of teaching

Provides a Safe Space for Learning

Strictly against bullying and discouraging students. We wish to create a healthy atmosphere for our students at International Schools in Electronic City

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