Have a transparent admission process without discrimination to any student.

  • Adherence to local laws.
  • Adherence to IB Principles into Practice

Admission Procedure






Admission enquiries are received through telephone calls, e-mails, parent reference, sibling enquiry, visit to the school.



Parents are required to fill the admission enquiry form either directly or online.

  • Once received by front office executives, a date and time is fixed for interaction/induction

Admission Criteria:

The criteria for admission to any grade are:

  • Academic performance in the last three years
  • Performance in the aptitude test
  • Aptitude, commitment and willingness shown by the candidate during his / her personal interview with the principal and the members of the Academic Committee.
  • Vacancies available in the grade to which admission is being sought.

On completion of filling the admission enquiry form, Admission Managers and executives will give updates about the school.

Age Criteria

(Need to verify with front office executives in the beginning of the process)

PYP – Ages 6 to 12 years ( for Grades 1 to 5)

MYP – Ages 11 to 16 ( For grades 6 to 10)


  • A campus tour consisting of a visit to the facilities offered by the school.


An interaction with the child at the time of admission to assess on his knowledge and skills as per pre-defined criteria (Annexure A).

An age – appropriate aptitude test in for Mathematics and English is given to the child to assess on the logical and thinking abilities. This is valid for students seeking admission to grade 6 and above.

It is mandatory that parents have a personal interview with a member of the Academic Committee.



The admission is confirmed after the remittance of the admission fee along with the application

The documentation process of the admission procedure is complete with the submission of the following documents

  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • TC Original
  • Previous two years’ report cards.
  • 8 Passport and 4 stamp size photographs of the child. (for both the application form as well as the escort card)
  • 3 Passport size photographs of the parents (Each for the escort cards).
  • Letter of undertaking, if required.
  • Copy of Aadhar Card.
  • The medical form provided during admission has to be filled out and signed by the doctor (Last page).
  • Admission Form
  • Declaration Form
  • Application for student admission
  • Family and Guardian Record
  • Psychometric educational assessment reports (if applicable)

Post admission:

  • Once Admission is granted, students need to submit Transfer Certificate in original from the previous school.
  • For foreign students, in addition to the above, the School will require a letter from the consulate.
  • Photocopy of Passport is mandatory for foreign students.
  • Flyers with information regarding uniforms, books and other details will be shared by the grade level Home Room Teacher.


The school leaving certificate will be issued, only if a withdrawal form is prepared which verifies aspects such as return of library books, outstanding fees, forwarding address and if there has been any damage to property, it should be replaced.

Fees once paid for the term will not be refunded. Fees paid in advance for the next term will be refunded provided relevant documents are attached.


Step 1: Notify the admin executive/ Block coordinator via mail only about withdrawal. No verbal communication for withdrawal will be accepted.

Step 2: Withdrawal form / No- dues form (Available at School office) to be duly filled-in and signed by the parents/ guardian.

Step 3: No Dues form to be duly signed by concerned departments as mentioned in the form.

Step 4: Sample TC will be processed after the receipt of the No Dues Form.

Step 5: Transfer certificate and other documents will be issued within a week’s time once the sample TC is approved .


In case parents wish to cancel their child’s admission before the joining date for the academic year, a letter or email for cancellation must be sent. The Admission Fees paid is not refunded under any circumstances as the same is spent in the Admission process.

If the Student withdraws from the program prior to the start of the academic year, all tuition and term fees paid will be refunded only if and when all seats are occupied as per the form submitted by the school. In case the seat vacated cannot be filled by the School at the start of the academic year, the fees paid shall be forfeited in entirety by the parent.

The parents/ students who decide to withdraw at the end of the academic year must submit a written application 2 months prior to the Block Coordinator. This will also enable the school to process the required documents relevant to withdrawal of the student. School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after all clearance formalities are completed including the clearance of dues.


Occasionally there may be students who seek re-admission after initially withdrawing from the school. The School management shall authorize all

re-admissions. Students seeking re-admission need to go through the entire admission process unless waived by the Management.

Admission for students with Special Educational Needs

Harvest International School is a mainstream institution with limited resources to support students with significant learning needs. It’s crucial for the best interests of all, especially the students, that they can fully benefit from our academic program and thrive in our high-achieving environment.

Harvest International School is a mainstream institution with limited resources to support students with significant learning needs. It’s crucial for the best interests of all, especially the students, that they can fully benefit from our academic program and thrive in our high-achieving environment.

Parents of students needing extra support should provide detailed information, including previous school reports, any detailed assessments done before, and Individualised Education Plans before applying to ensure our school can meet their needs.

Parents must arrange for a shadow teacher in applicable cases, at their own cost.

Failing to accurately disclose a child’s learning needs during the application process may lead to subsequent withdrawal requests, something we aim to avoid protecting the child’s self-esteem and future prospects.

( Please refer to Harvest Inclusion Policy)

Policy Review

As the needs of students are ever-evolving, this policy is subject to review once a year. All stakeholders are kept well-informed regarding the policies and are expected to implement it efficiently. The stakeholders are included and kept informed of any changes.

HIS Admission Policy

Last reviewed : September, 2023

Team Members : Ms. Suryavathy (Principal), Ms. Ruchira Banka (MYP Coordinator), Ms. Radhika Muraleedharan (PYP Coordinator, PYP Home Room Teacher), Ms.Kavya Reddy, Ms.Poojaa Reddy