Life skills are a set of abilities and socio-emotional competencies that enables holistic personal growth of an individual.

Life Skills are a set of multiple socio-emotional competencies, attitudes, interpersonal skills and intellectual abilities that aid individuals in making informed decisions, communicating effectively, empathizing with others, building healthy relationships, solving problems, thinking critically and creatively and managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

The Life skills program is not to be seen as another subject but rather as a cross-discipline application of knowledge, values and skills which play a crucial role in the emotional, intellectual and interpersonal development of an individual.

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From kindergarten onwards, students are motivated to appreciate & value the unique qualities of their schoolmates, teachers, families and communities at large. Subjects are thoughtfully graded & diligently integrated to better reinforce the associations between the lessons learned. Classroom material is customized to the developmental needs of children of all age groups.





For a deeper understanding on the Life Skills discipline, please refer to the ComprehensiveLife Skills Framework , published by UNESCO.

The Life Skills curriculum at Harvest International School has been specially designed for
young students in India and the curriculum adheres to the global standards of a life skill
curriculum set forward by WHO,UNICEF and UNESCO. The Program is conducted for students of grade 1-10.

Students of Grades 11 and 12 are offered modules comprising of overlapping life skills that will aid them in their journey after graduation.

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