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Montessori - Communication

     Language is an integral part of social development, expression, feelings, thought process. It is very essential for communication. In a Montessori environment the four areas of linguistic development are Listening ,Speaking ,Reading, Writing.  It is integrated with other areas such as 1. Exercise of practical life, 2. Sensorial, 3. Math  4. Cultural Science.

Activities like circle time, three period lesson, story telling, picture conversation, audio visual activities, thematic activities etc are some of the activities which are done in Harvest Montessori to enhance communication skills.

1. Story telling: It helps in imagination of sequence of the story. It enriches the vocabulary.

2.  Circle time:  Vocabulary created to themes and expressions of one’s ideas and suggestions and opinions are also done. During the circle time each one is given an opportunity to speak on a given topic.

3. Show and tell: It helps in developing the thinking power and expresses it in a story form.

4. Audio visual aids: Audio visual aids help in listening skills which in turn helps in communication indirectly.     

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